About Lordz2.io game

Lordz2.io Conquest RTS is a fighting io game about lords trying to build territories and capture more lands. Play Lordz2.io in your browser or download it on mobile!

Lordz2.io Conquest
Lordz2.io Conquest

Set in the Middle Ages, everybody will turn into ancient lords in Lordz2.io game and have to get ready to fight for their ultimate dominance. This Real-Time Strategy io game is the sequel to Lordz.io by Spinbot Studio, containing awesome features. Lordz2.io is totally free to access in a browser, and more than that, players can also play Lordz2.io unblocked at school for free. Both original and unlocked versions allow you to experience addictive gameplay with upgraded features. Also, this will be a great opportunity for you to hone your strategic skill through multiple challenges.

What is Lordz2.io game about?

Are you ready to be the best lord in Lordz2.io unblocked? Lordz2.io focuses on an epic battle set in the Middle Ages where everybody becomes a lord tasked with building up territories for the ultimate dominance. In this title, you aim to vanquish as many lands as possible and keep your realm expanding throughout the course of the game. Since you are in charge of an army, you must perform your strategic skill as well as make use of all tactics you have in order to vanquish all enemy lords who have the same goal as you.

In Lordz2.io free online, building the largest army is a must thing to do if you want to take over the entire map as well as capture new realms for your kingdom. Also, you can unlock the best heroes that help you more in conquest. Try your hardest to make every soldier counts!

Key features of Lordz2.io Conquest

Lordz2.io Conquest Features
Lordz2.io Conquest Features

Epic gameplay with castle building and army establishment

Since you are a lord, you must begin to build up a big castle as well as recruit units to establish a big army that helps you in vanquishing more lands. Keep your castle safe and upgraded through over time, make use of your soldiers for better results when battling against enemies.

A wide range of territories for you to capture and increase in scope  

Lordz2.io game features multiple territories that you can discover and capture. When you move through the map, make sure you always have your skills ready to conquer those lands and gradually make them larger in size.

Many buildings and units to upgrade and buy

Types of buildings

In Lordz2.io unblocked, you can build and upgrade a wide range of buildings. The more buildings you have, the higher the population you will obtain. Below here are all types of buildings available in the game:

  • Castle
  • Archer Tower
  • Mage Tower
  • Wall
  • Watch Tower
  • Forge
  • Monster Den
  • Stable
  • Academy
  • Siege Workshop
  • House

Types of units

To form an army, you must purchase some units. The in-game army has a hard limit of 439 units, which means you are unable to get to a 1000 population army if you just simply buy only 1 population unit. Therefore, try to make your army diverse with more types of units, including:

  • Soldier
  • Pikeman
  • Archer
  • Knight
  • Mage
  • Healer
  • Troll
  • Dragon
  • Cannon

Many new skins to unlock

Unlike Lordz.io the first chapter, in this second installment, players can get access to many new skins as they level up through over time. Try to unlock all of them to make your game more interesting.

Play Lordz2.io game with full-screen mode

Make your game more awesome by jumping into the full-screen mode! Feel free to enjoy the Lordz2.io gameplay with unique features in a large screen rather than a small one like in other io games.

Types of Heroes in Lordz2.io

Heroes are the crucial characters that you must protect in Lordz2.io game. You must use medals from the chests to unlock and improve your Lordz2.io heroes. The bonuses of the heroes will also grow as you improve them. There are three classes for the in-game heroes, such as Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Each of them has their own unique heroes with awesome boosts.

  • Warrior: Siegfried, Ragnar, Snow, Dr Horse
  • Archer: Robin, Sting, Dany
  • Mage: Merlin, Saru, Ice King, Solek

How to play Lordz2.io

Lordz2.io Conquest Guide
Lordz2.io Conquest Guide

As soon as the battle kicks off, you must create a castle with some crucial buildings to assist your army. When your castle and buildings are ready to use, this will be a perfect time to recruit various units that help you conquer more lands. During the course of the battle, make sure you will use your strategies with tactics to overcome all challenges, especially to destroy all enemy lords. Below here are the in-game controls you need to master:

  • WASD/Arrow keys: Perform your character’s movement
  • Space bar: Make a great dash or divide an army
  • Left mouse button: Attack your enemies
  • Right mouse button or E: Trigger the special power of your heroes
  • B: Build the castle and buildings
  • U: Purchase a soldier
  • F: Position the army formation
  • Y: Upgrade your soldiers
  • C: Alter the army formation
  • M: Open or close the mini-map
  • L: Turn on/off the leaderboard
  • Enter: Chat with your friends
  • Esc: Bring up the pause menu

Using some tips and strategies to outplay your opponents in Lordz2.io

Winning in Lordz2.io conquest game is not an easy thing, but if you equip yourself with good Lordz2.io tips and strategies, you can find it much easier to master this RTS game. Below here are simple strategies you should follow to get a quick triumph:

  • The Castle must be the first thing you prioritize on. Then, you will open the Units Menu to summon some basic Units.
  • A Stable should be created to obtain Cavalery units. After that, you can create Academy for Mages and Monster Den for Dragons.
  • For the Unit Upgrades, you are required to have the Forge.
  • Keeping your base safe is a must thing to do. You need to create Archer Towers or Mage Towers then improve them gradually for better protection. To get more protection, you may think about constructing a big Wall around the base.
  • If you deal damage to the buildings of other players, you will earn yourself a huge amount of Gold and Victory Points. Once having enough Victory Points, you are allowed to get access to further territories in the Conquest Mode.

Play Lordz2.io Conquest RTPS Game Online

Lordz2.io Conquest RTS is a free game to play online in browsers. In addition, you can even play Lordz2.io unblocked on Google Sites for even more features. Feel free to join it anytime you want and take this chance to sharpen your strategic skill. Hope you have a blast with it!

You can play Lordz2.io Conquest game at here!

Download Lordz2.io Conquest for Android/iOS Devices


Besides Lordz2.io browser game, feel free to download Lordz2.io Conquest on your Android or iOS devices. For Android users, you may have to download the game with APK file and make sure you use APKPure App to upgrade Lordz2.io for a fast and free experience, especially for saving your Internet data.

  • Click here to download Lordz2.io for iOS
  • Click here to download Lordz2.io for Android

Lordz2.io on Mobile also brings you the same awesome experience as the web-browser version with simple controls for touchscreens. Hope you enjoy it on your smartphone!

Lordz2.io Hacks for Android/iOS

Lordz 2 Conquest Hack
Lordz 2 Conquest Hack

Using hacks and some cheat codes for Lordz2.io on Android/iOS platform can be a good way to outwit your opponents. There are two simple cheat codes you can follow to earn more advantages for your lord:

  • Use the code “B5o_aSBat15” to get 500 000 coins
  • Use the code “MgF_ClNEcGo” to get MgF_ClNEcGo

You have to have to root or jailbreak rights for using those secret Lordz2.io Conquest cheat codes. Only downloading Lordz2.io from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store is already enough and then the codes can be used directly. May you have wonderful game experience with these cheat codes!

That’s all the basic information about Lordz2.io Conquest RTS game. Now, get yourself ready for the ancient battle in the Middle Ages and try your hardest to defeat your opponents by building up the largest territory in the arena and becoming the best lord. Don’t forget to play Lordz.io game either for more experiences.

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